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All About Itai Bauman

Past. Present. Future.

It wasn’t long before Itai Bauman realized that a career in music was what he wanted in life. Itai studied Music Writing and Composing in Rimon contemporary music school in Israel, while pursuing a singer-songwriting path, performing and releasing an indie rock album.
Itai continued his music journey in the electronic realms, studying Electronic Music Production and Performance in Catalyst Berlin in 2013-2015. Following releases as 'SevenSoulsSevenSeas' included electronic ambient works, and can be found in all streaming services and included in hundreds of playlists. Bauman brings an original and innovative approach to his work, including using many hardware analog and digital sound sources, synthesisers and effects, while combining them with software ones in an ongoing creative conversation.
Itai completed his Masters in Composition for Media in Thinkspace Education in 2021, and these studies added new colours and methods to his compositions, including incorporating orchestral instruments and classical music elements with contemporary ones, in creating emotionally rich music and scores for moving picture.  

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